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Dec 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
. and within the past 45 minutes, we heard from meryll newman's son. amber lee spoke when he will be reunited with his family. >> reporter: we heard that newman was on his way home to san francisco. less than an hour ago his son who's in los angeles had a huge smile on his face when he spoke about his father. >> we're absolutely delighted to confirm that meryll newman is on his way home after being released by the dprk. >> reporter: in palo alto at channing house they refused to speak to us on camera. but they were all smiles. >> i was very pleased. very pleased indeed. i don't know what it took to get him released but i'm very glad he's coming home. i'm sure his family is too. >> reporter: the north korean state news agency kcna reported that newman had been quote deported. and they reported that the government did it in a humanitarian standpoint because of the man's old age and condition. this is meryll newman in a video we brought you last friday. he read from a prepared statement. newman talks about what he did in north korea in his last trip. >> i asked my guide to help me look for their
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
are questioning why 85- year-old meryll newman visited south korea. last week north korea released this video of him confessing to crimes during the war. he acted as an advisor for korean fighters called the white tigers. former members of the white tigers say they are still the most despised and feared in the north. in fact, one korean general who escaped said he would never go back. >> in science, americans are in 22nd place just below average. and in math 29th with 28 countries ahead of the u.s. students from asian nations were at the top in all three categories. >>> new at 10:00, ballerinas taking center stage in a special holiday performance of the nutcracker. >> the whole land was in celebration for clara and the nutcracker. >> reporter: san francisco ballet dancers have been visiting the children's hospital. >> tons of snow flakes dancing around. see they're all on points. >> ballet. >> it's a great reminder for us why we're really out there and it brings the joy to the children. so, that's what nutcracker is all about. >> the first american performance of the nutcracker was in san fra
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2